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Professional laboratory precision balances, analytical balances and moisture analyzers for measuring chemicals and compounds in small increments.
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Simple, effective and easy-to-use weighing scales used to teach students mass measurement concepts in schools, colleges and universities.
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Industrial and Commercial

Heavy duty industrial scales including stainless steel platform scales, crane scales, and pallet truck scales for shipping, logistics and warehouse applications.
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Catering / Food Service and Production

Professional IP-rated food weighing scales for commercial kitchen preparation, testing laboratories, warehouse packing and production facilities.
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Commercial, trade approved price computing and retail scales for buying and selling goods by weight. Ideal for markets, shops and food stores.
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Professional health and fitness scales for personal weight maintenance and accurate BMI calculation. Ideal for spas, gyms, care homes and nurseries.
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Vet / Animal

High-quality, digital weighing scales for weighing a variety of animals from small pets to livestock. Ideal for Veterinary use.
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Jewelry scales for weighing precious diamonds, gold, gemstones and cultured pearls in mommes and carat measurements with up to 0.001g resolution.
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Weighing Scale Indicators

Washdown and approved indicators in a variety of capacities and readabilities for industrial weighing, checkweighing, dynamic weighing and counting tasks.
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