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Adam Equipment products grouped by industry or business sector.

Food Service and Production Scales

Catering / Food Service and Production

Adam Equipment offers a wide selection of food and portion scales to tackle a variety of duties in food-related industries. Testing, processing, production and service tasks can be performed with ease using Adam's food scales and moisture balances.

CB - Education - Adam Equipment


Learning about mass measurement in school science labs is easy with Adam Equipment's affordable and reliable classroom balances. Adam offers a selection of mechanical balances, and entry-level electronic balances, precision balances, and analytical balances. When selecting classroom weighing equipment, science teachers have relied on Adam for more than 40 years.

Health and Fitness Scales


Adam Equipment offers a full line of scales and balances for health and fitness applications. With rugged construction, easy operation and practical features, our balances and scales can be found in physicians' and pediatricians' offices, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehab centers, medical laboratories, schools, fitness facilities, and gyms.

Industrial and commercial scales - Cruiser CCT with parts

Industrial and Commercial

With speedy setup and easy operation, Adam Equipment's robust industrial weighing scales meet the challenge of rigorous applications in a diverse array of settings. Our industrial scales are designed to be rugged enough for use in harsh field environments, demanding factory locations, and warehouses.

Highland Balance Weighing Jewellery


Adam Equipment offers portable jewelry scales suitable for weighing gold, precious stones and metals. Jeweler's use precision balances when selecting stones from wholesalers, while wholesalers rely on balances to weigh bulk gold chains. Pawnbrokers rely on portable scales or balances to calculate value when purchasing scrap metal, such as antique gold or silver jewellery. Adam scales and balances provide the special features needed in the jewellery industry.

Nimbus - Laboratory - Adam Equipment


Adam Equipment offers a comprehensive selection of laboratory balances and scales including precision balances, analytical balances and moisture analyzers specifically created for science laboratory environments. Durable construction and smart features make Adam lab balances ideal for all laboratory applications, including weighing chemicals, pharmaceutical processing and quality control checking. Designed for laboratory professionals, Adam's digital balances and moisture analyzers are easy to set up and operate, providing reliable weighing results and simplifying complex measurement tasks.

Retail Scale Covered In Strawberries


Consumer confidence is the backbone of the retail industry; customers want to get what they pay for, and retailers want to ensure they're not giving away extra product. That's why merchants rely on Adam Equipment's retail scales for fast, efficient weighing in any sales transaction. Adam's retail scales offer features that make them ideal for measurement and sales in many types of establishments.

Dog On Scale

Vet / Animal

Suitable for use in the office or in the field, Adam Equipment animal scales provide the durability and dependability required for all types of veterinary and animal weighing needs. In the veterinarian's office, on the farm, or at the zoo, our scales can be used for lab testing, preparing medicines, checking the weight of small pets and large livestock, and monitoring food portions.