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Here at Adam Equipment we try to make our website easy to use. To help our visitors with screen readers we having included skip links to the main menu, search box, main content area and this keyboard shortcuts page. We have also set up a number of "accesskey" keyboard short cuts. Access shortcut keys are usually activated on Windows with [Alt]+accesskey. For a Mac press [Control][Alt]+accesskey. Please note that Firefox on Windows or Linux may require [Alt][Shift]+acceskey. Please check your browser documentation as controls may vary.

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With the advancement of web technology over recent years we have made the decision to focus less on historical browsers and put more effort into using HTML 5 and CSS3. To this end some older browsers, including Internet Explorer less than version 9 may not function fully or display as expected. We do make efforts to make this website functional in Internet Explorer 8 for legacy Windows XP users but it may be that not all features are available. We recommend using a self-updating browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari.

We also endeavour to make our websites suitable for viewing on smaller screens and mobile devices. However, if you do experience any display problems or other technical issues please let us know so we can fix the problem quickly to improve the experience for everyone.

Manuals and Brochures Format

Most of our product manuals and brochures are available as downloads from this website. The publicly distributed format is .pdf . There are a number of free pdf file readers available for most operating systems, including Android and iOS for mobile.

Cookie Information

Our website uses first-party cookies to store preferences and help maintain your visit. In instances where log-in facilities are provided, cookies will also be used to maintain your logged-in status. In addition to the site-generated cookies we use Google Analytics to anonymously track website usage so that we can identify the popular areas of our site and areas where we can improve things for you. These cookies will be set from the domain Please note that, during 2016, Google has announced adherence to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. which deals with the transfer of data from Europe to the United States.

We have also added social media links to our pages so that you can you share information with your peers. When doing so third-party cookies from these sites may also be present such as from the domain and These are present when logged in so your shares or posts arrive at the correct account. In accordance with the EU cookie legislation we provide a warning that we do use cookies. By continuing to use our website we take implied consent to the use of cookies. We do not gain any personal information from the cookies used on our website.

All web browsers should have controls for removing existing cookies, limiting the types of cookie or blocking them altogether. Please see the documentation for your chosen web browser. Be aware that cookies are used on almost all websites and that limiting or completely blocking them may limit the available functionality.

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